Bitez Guide

Bitez is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Muğla. Hundreds of thousands of visitors, both domestic and international, come to the town every year. The biggest reason why Bitez is so preferred by visitors is its magnificent nature and beach. The town used to be a village. It is very popular with tangerine trees. It is possible to see tangerine trees in many gardens today.

Although Bitez is located close to Downtown, it is an extremely quiet place. It is a suitable place especially for those who want a quiet holiday.


Bağlar Bay

Baglar Bay is one of the places you should definitely see when you come to Bitez. Boat tours are available in all bays of the town, including Bağlar Bay. You can have a great time by participating in these boat tours.

Bağlar Bay, which stands out with its natural beauties, also provides beach services. You can swim in the sea and enjoy the turquoise sea. If you like camping, you can stay at the campgrounds in the town. You can pitch a tent on the beach and enjoy the view.

Bitez Bay

Bitez Bay, which is the most popular surfing area of Bodrum, is among the favorite places of many visitors. The bay, attracting the visitors with its clean and deep blue sea, has a blue flag. It is also the longest bay in Bodrum. It is possible to do water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing and sea biking in the bay.

If you are interested in water sports, Bitez Bay is for you. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun while doing exciting water sports. After enjoying the Bodrum Holiday sea during the day, you can eat fish at the fish restaurants on the coast.

Greek Gara Church

Bitez is a very popular town with its historical buildings as well as its natural beauties. The Greek Gara Church, dating back to Roman times, is one of the must-see places. In the Greek Gara Church, there was a statue of the Virgin Mary in the past. Fishermen used to come to the church and pray before going fishing. At the entrance of the church, you can see mosaics of swordfish and dolphins. It is estimated that the mosaics are from the Byzantine period. This church has a history of 1800 years.

Cleopatra Beach

Bitez is a holiday resort that stands out with its magnificent beaches and coves. One of the places you should definitely visit in your summer vacation plans is Cleopatra Beach. The beach, which stands out with its clean sea and sandy beach, welcomes many local and foreign tourists from outside the city every summer. Access to this beach is only possible by sea. There are boat tours to the beach. By joining these boat tours, you can go to the beach. During your time at the beach, you can swim, sunbathe and have a pleasant time. You can take a lot of landscape photos. Entrance to the beach is free. However, boat tours are paid to come to the beach.

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