Black Angel Pirate Boat

Black Angel Pirate Boat

Meet with the most interesting and enjoyable boat tour! The impressive concept with the pirates will make your tour more enjoyable in the summer days! Are you ready to sail with the pirates? The Black Angel Pirate Boat is the most interesting and popular boat trip! Make your holiday more entertaining with us!

The boat trip is starting at 10:30 in the morning! You will be able to enjoy the sunrise when the boat trip starts! We will visit 4 different islands at the same time! You can discover the islands and swim in the stunning sea! If you love photography, you will be able to take amazing and stunning pictures during the tour so, be ready for the incredible views!

You will be able to see shoals on the boat trip and you can feed fish with bread! You will be impressed by the magnificent water of the Aegean Sea and you will not want the boat trip to end!

The lunch will be served on the boat! The price includes the lunch and the drinks as well! You will have wine, beer, coffee, and tea options on the boat at the same time! Don’t forget your sun cream because you will be able to join many different activities on the boat!

While you can enjoy the magnificent view and the sea, you will be able to have fun during the boat trip! After the incredible day in the Black Angel Pirate Boat, the boat trip ends about at 4:30 in the afternoon.

If you want to make your summer vacation more enjoyable and impressive, you can contact us! For the reservation, you can book at the address! You can also ask if you have a question and have more details about the boat trips!

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