Boat Trips, Diving, Fishing

Boat Trips, Diving, Fishing

The beautiful Aegean Sea, Crystal clear, warm , safe with no high tides or dangerous currents. The perfect place to go in , on ,over and next to,I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful exciting things Bodrum holidays can arrange for you.

Boat Trips

Bodrum Daily boat trips along the stunning coastline of the Bodrum peninsula coasts is one of most popular day out attractions for sea and sailing lovers, as well as one of the best things to do in Bodrum.

Bodrum coasts are very rich in color with jagged rocks and bright trees, as well as contrasted against the clear, turquoise sea. You’ll definitely experience the beautiful coasts by visiting the various bays by boat.

On it ,scooting along on jet skis, great fun for everyone ,and if you fall off, no problem, it’s in warm water,no scrapes and bruises for you, just get back on and off you go, exciting fun, fast

If you want something less exciting but equally enjoyable, our daily boat trips on traditional gullet boats, sail through the azure waters, visit beautiful bays, enjoy lunch cooked onboard by the crew , swim in the calm crystal clear water, if you enjoy wildlife, take some bread with you , and at every stop feed the fish , you will be amazed at the huge shoals of fish that suddenly appear the minute you drop a few pieces of bread on the water.

Bodrum Diving

Enjoy a natural wonder on black island, here you can swim in a pool fed by volcanic heat inside a cave , explore the source of this phenomenon and take that memory home to look back on with pleasure.

Bodrum Diving
Bodrum Diving, Boat Trips, Diving, Fishing

Under the sea, you can go scuba diving with a professional dive school, enjoy the amazing sea from under the water , see what wonderful things you can see and find , a terrific day for anyone to enjoy from novice to professional you’ll be taught and shown all you need for an incredible day out.

Next to , how about horse riding a great day for all the family, trot along the seashore as well as inland , get the best of both worlds , Bodrum holidays can organise this fun trip for you.

How about sailing on a pirate boat, join the crew of the black angel pirate boat, enjoy the day of fun in the sunshine and swim every time you stop , a great day out for the younger visitors on holiday music , fun , great place to meet new friends .

If it’s a party your looking for Bodrum holidays can arrange tickets for the Mavi Deniz party boat , just what it says in the title party into the wee hours dance the night away to banging music from the dj, enjoy a drink from the bar and have a great night of fun, just don’t jump off this boat this is one you won’t want to leave.

For those looking for a real adrenaline buzz , Bodrum holidays can arrange a visit to Dalaman white water rafting enjoy the waves and fun of this fun exciting trip , you’ll need a good nights sleep once you’ve finished fighting these rapids.

Something else for you to consider, how about a safari choose between a jeep safari or for the more adventurous on atv, a great day out exploring places others won’t see , don’t get to comfortable though , it’s a real safari over unmade roads all in the countryside but an amazing day of fun for everyone, Bodrum holidays can arrange either or even both for you.

Bodrum holidays, here to help book and offer you wonderful experience on your holidays, we look forward to serving you.