Bodrum Etrim Village Tour

Bodrum Etrim Village Tour

Are you ready to learn more about the tradition of Turkish people? If your answer is yes, then the Bodrum Etrim Village Tour is the best choice for you! You will be able to see how Turkish people live and their traditional life! It is an essential experience to know a culture closer!

You will be able to see how the Turkish carpets and rugs are made! There is no machine while the carpets have been making! You will be impressed by the original and unique traditional style of the process! You can see the “knotting” method is used on the carpets during the process which is an original and traditional method as well! People who are interested in handmade and handcrafts will be impressed by the tradition!

You will be able to taste Turkish traditional cuisines as well! You can try different and special tastes with the mayor of the Bodrum Etrim Village! While you will be able to taste traditional Turkish cuisines, you can look at the impressive handmade carpets! In addition to that, you will have a chance to purchase the carpets that you can choose during the tour! It will be an incredible cultural tour!

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