Bodrum Fillers, Face Fillers, Lips Fillers

Bodrum Fillers, In the filling treatment, a soluble material that is not harmful to the body in any way is applied on the area where the patients complain, and the aesthetic defects in this area are eliminated. Success in filling is quite high. The probability of an adverse event is low. Eyebrows, between the eyebrows, forehead, eye edges, lip edges and folds in the nose are the areas where filler treatment is most applied.

The wrinkles that occur in the case of frowns become more evident as you age, and this creates an unpleasant appearance. Fillers are applied with the substance placed between the two eyebrows and these wrinkles are removed.

Bodrum Filler
Bodrum Filler

Bodrum Face Fillers

Bodrum Face Fillers are very suitable for individuals who are afraid of plastic surgery or want to get rid of their problems without surgery. Fillers help them overcome these problems.

In the filling treatment, which is frequently preferred in order to have a young and lively appearance of worn and aging skin structures, the most common problem for individuals is the post-treatment process and the risk of infection. It is important to prefer aesthetic and health centers for these operations. Otherwise, it is possible to experience negative consequences due to the actions of people without authority and knowledge. In the aesthetic treatment centers and clinics, detailed information is given before the operation in line with the patient’s request.

Bodrum Face Filler
Bodrum Face Filler

Do Fillers Have Side Effects?

Developed and reliable synthetic fillers are used in filling aesthetics. It has been experienced over time that these substances have some side effects in people. Science has now introduced the filler containing hyaluronic acid, which is accepted by the body and does not show any side effects. This filler does not cause any harm to the body; however, the person who will have the filling should definitely get information from the specialist and have the necessary examinations done. They will give the most appropriate information for the person’s filling aesthetics.

Bodrum Lips Fillers

Bodrum Lips Fillers is the process of injecting dermal fillers into and around the inner part of the lips to shape the lip structure or to add volume to the lips. The filler used during this procedure is hyaluronic acid, which is known for giving volume to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin smooth while repairing the tissues, is in harmony with the lip tissue. This method, applied with hyaluronic acid, is one of the most natural lip fillers among lip aesthetic methods.

Bodrum Lips Filler
Bodrum Lips Filler

How to Apply Lip Filling?

First, the lip shape suitable for the structure of the face is determined before lip filling. At least half an hour before the application, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lip area so that the procedure can be applied painlessly. Injecting the filler is done with a needle. This application, which ends in a short time, is painless and easy. Lip fillers are not a procedure applied to the same part of the lip for everyone. It is a procedure applied to the red area on the lower or upper part of the lip or the area known as the contour. After this procedure, which is applied using different techniques, the volume of the lips increases in a short time.

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