Bodrum Leros Ferry Boat


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Bodrum Leros Ferry Boat

Discover the beauty of nature on the Greek island Leros! You can feel the energy of the island before you step on to Leros at the same time! Leros Island is like a smaller version of popular Greek islands!

The population is not high and many people did not discover Leros yet! The houses are similar to the other Greek islands! White and blue colored houses match the traditional colors of Greece! If you would like to spend time in nature, magnificent coves and beaches, and the calmness, Leros is an amazing place to visit!

In addition to that, you can usually see the people who are sailing around the island and the luxury yachts in the large natural port!

Leros has extremely natural and positive energy! When you taste the impressive energy of the environment, you will want to spend more time in Leros! The impressive history makes Leros more unique and admired at the same time!

Things to Do in Leros
Leros is a small island! Therefore, it is possible to visit almost every place in a day! When you want to go to the other side of the island, it just takes 30 minutes by car! The duration of the tour is 7 hours! You will be able to have a great time at the cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and admired patisseries through the coastline of Leros! To enjoy the magnificent view of nature, you can prefer to go to Agia Marina!

Panteli is a small cove that you can find amazing restaurants! There are many fishing boats around the cove! While you are enjoying your meal, you will be impressed by the beauty of the sea and nature!

Platanos is located between Panteli and Agia Marina! If you would like to see the local people and have more idea about living in Leros, you can prefer to visit there! If you want to visit historical places, you should see the Castle of Leros (Panagia) which was built in the 10th century! There are also numerous beaches and places that you can discover in Leros!

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