Bodrum Parasailing

Bodrum Parasailing

It’s time to get your holiday to the next level, literally
Join us on our modern fast speedboat, as we go out onto the crystal clear waters and parasail high above on your parachute, take off from your own boat and fly up to 100 metres in the sky, see every rock on the bottom of the warm blue sea, enjoy unparalleled views from the comfort of your seat and after floating way above the boat, come back safely onto the deck of your speedboat ,

Gone are the days of running along hoping you’ll take off before falling flat on your face, our trip let’s you enjoy take off and landing in complete safety from the deck of your boat, and enjoy watching your friends floating high above you in the sky anticipating your own flight in comfort.

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Önceki İçerikBodrum Flyboard
Sonraki İçerikBodrum Speed Boat Fast Trip

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