BVS Bodrum Meyhanesi

BVS Bodrum Meyhanesi

The unique and amazing view of Gündoğan will make your night more enjoyable at BVS Bodrum Meyhanesi! You will be able to spend an excellent time with the stunning sunset! The environment will make your night more impressive and unforgettable! In addition to that, you will be able to try different tastes and world-class cuisines! Once you spend your night at BVS Bodrum Meyhanesi, you will not be able to give up again!

Summer nights are better with us! The limitless music styles are appealing to everyone! While you will be able to listen to live music, you can enjoy the 80s and 90s songs at the same time! You do not have to end your night earlier because you can enjoy it until the morning at Sahne After!

If you really want to enjoy the night, we are waiting for you! You can contact us and make a reservation on the number: +90 552 532 48 48! You can have more information about the night, show programs, and all of the details when you contact us to make a reservation as well! Make your night unique with the amazing view, the sunset, delicious cuisines, and enjoyable shows!

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