Candyland Bodrum Aquapark


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Candyland Bodrum Aquapark

This year, the first and only amusement park in Bodrum was opened at the Candyland Vogue Supreme Hotel. The Candyland is a family-themed based amusement park. It has various pools and slides, white beaches, and dinosaurs inside of this incredible huge place and these entertainment places are fun not only for the kids but also for the adults.

Besides these wonderful places as we mention, in the Candyland, it is even possible to get on the Ferris Wheel and watch the incredible view from above the Bodrum. Since the Candyland is welcomed by families, it includes a different range of activities for all ages. Thus, the family can spend all day in Bodrum Aquapark with lots of fun.

What can you expect from Candyland Bodrum Aquapark
In this amazing place, cafes and bars are also at your service the whole day. Bodrum aquapark will the best place for your family! To enjoy the whole day, we are here to help you as possible. We have been serving various kinds of places in the Bodrum Candyland amusement park.

This place includes lots of separate entertainment centers. Such as Dino Park, which is inviting us to learn how was the dinosaurs are! This park includes 15 different dinosaurs with moving and audible effects. You can take photographs and create incredible stories about your childhood.

In the Luna park of the Candyland in Bodrum, you will adore our 9 amazing toys. Some of the toys are a 17-meter high Ferris Wheel, Bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, carousels, and more! In Luna Park, kids can able to play with toys as individuals or as a group. In this way, even the little ones learn how to share and play games.

Also, we have different clubs for visitors in the Bodrum Aquapark, such as Mini Club for 4-7 years old, Maxi Club for 8-12 age, and Teenage Club for 13-17-year-old. These clubs offer age-packed activities. In this way, we can gather each age group to a fun and attend the group activities in the Bodrum aquapark. This also enables them to socialize and make friends. These clubs placed in our Candy town, which is built on an area of 2500 m2, await future doctors and young engineers.

Besides these centers, Candyland has an 8D cinema for your entertainment as well. Who does not like the movies, right?

In the Bodrum Aquapark, you may race with your family in the 25 different slides of Candyland for adrenalin boosts, enjoy the sun and the sand on the white beaches, participate in entertainment games and activities throughout the day. Or, while your kids having fun at the pool in the best Bodrum Aquapark, if you feel tired at some point, you can chill out in the bar or have a coffee in one of the cafes. We thought everything for you!

You can enjoy our entertainment places and then relax as it as possible. Or you can go to the entertainment center, which is 10 km away from Bodrum center, by private car or by a private transfer vehicle that Bodrum Holiday will arrange for you

Candyland Bodrum Aquapark, which is very popular since it is opened in the summer season of 2020, can be booked with Bodrum Holiday for limited entrance tickets and you can enter inside without waiting at the door.

You can feel the fun together as a family in this beautiful atmosphere. In this way, you can create unforgettable memories and we will appreciate taking place in them. We created a wonderful place for you and your family to enjoy the day!

All you have to do is a book with Bodrum Holiday with this number: +905525324848

Besides this booking, If you don’t have a car to go to Bodrum Aquapark Candyland Vogue Supreme Hotel, we can arrange your private transfer vehicle.

All you need to do is to inform your transfer needs while booking Bodrum Aquapark Candyland at +905525324848. The transfer vehicle will be priced according to your location.

Other activities to do with your family while in Bodrum
In Bodrum, you can find anything you like for your entertainment since the city has various entertainment chooses. All these opportunities are waiting for you. Let’s look at the other options that you might like to spend quality time with your family.

Dolphin Show
Dolphins are amazing sea animals, everybody admires their intelligence, due to their move and behave. If you have never been to a dolphin park or seen a dolphin show in real life, get ready to enjoy this amazing activity. In the dolphin park, dolphins are trained, loved, and meet new people. So, you will visit the dolphins in their homes. Kids love animals and can be part of the show since the trainers can let them pet the dolphins or also you can even swim with them. For more, you can take a picture with this lovely sea creature while swimming. Isn’t it an awesome experience in one in a lifetime?

The dolphin park is a great experience for both you and your kids!

Bodrum Daily Boat Trip
On this daily boat trip, you will be pleased by the crystal-clear Aegean sea and will discover hidden beaches such as camel beach and Black Island. And after enjoying the sea life through bays, coves on this boat, the Bodrum Daily boat also takes to the aquarium!

In this place, you can clearly see the fish and other sea creatures. You and your family will participate in this amazing experience!

Bodrum Horse Riding
If you are a horse lover or your kids love them, it would be a great idea to attend this amazing activity. When you arrived at the place, guides will give you a quick basic tutorial. After this little lecture, you might off the guide and join a trip with the rest of your group on picturesque steep paths which are across rugged terrain that’s only suitable for horses.

Bodrum is filled with lots of entertainment for both you and your family. And we are here to help you to experience them all!