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Dental implants in Bodrum are one of the most effective and best ways to have teeth in place of missing teeth. It is also one of the most time-consuming dental treatments to complete missing teeth. Therefore, people who need dental implants may need to spend a few months on this treatment. Holidays are when people are most available for such long-term treatments. People prefer both to take a vacation and to be treated during their holidays. That’s why there are so many good dental clinics in the resort areas. Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions. Dental clinics in Bodrum are the best places for dental implants in Bodrum.

The population of Bodrum increases 4-5 times especially in summer months. Although the population increases so much for a short time, this has led to the development of health services in this region. One of these services is dental implants. The biggest advantage of having dental implants in Bodrum is that you do not spare time for your treatment during your vacation.

Dental implants in Bodrum are not much different from those in another city. Because dental implant treatments have a certain sequence of operations. The steps during this procedure may take more time from time to time depending on the patient’s condition. But the order of the applications does not change at all. Dental clinics or hospitals offering dental implants treatment in the basement are not much different from treatments in other regions or countries. Therefore, especially international patients can rely on dental clinics in Bodrum. One of the changing issues in dental implant treatments is the experience of dentists. For experienced dentists, dental implant treatment is a commonplace treatment.

Dental Implants in Bodrum
Dental Implants in Bodrum

If you are considering dental implant treatment and you are on holiday in Bodrum, you should get more detailed information about this treatment. You can get detailed information about dental implants in Bodrum by contacting the dental clinics in Bodrum, and you can find answers to many questions in the continuation of this article.

What is a Dental Implant?

People lose teeth for many different reasons. In addition to adverse events such as falls and accidents, tooth decay can also cause tooth loss. Although there are many different treatment methods for missing teeth, the most preferred method is dental implants.

A dental implant is a type of artificial tooth treatment performed by placing screws made of titanium into the jawbone area. In this method, which is applied with a prosthetic tooth, the task of the screws is to fix the prosthesis. The dental implant is local, so it is an application that does not damage the side teeth and does not compress them. Therefore, it is preferred by many people.

Implant teeth have a root thanks to titanium screws. The prosthetic teeth are mounted on the screws so that they have all the functions of a natural tooth. The patient can continue to eat or talk without losing tooth function.

It is a basic application for the prosthesis method to be applied in implant tooth loss. Implant treatment is applied when the patient’s own tooth roots are inoperable due to tooth loss or gingival problems. The implant procedure must be performed by specialists with the help of local anesthesia. Although it is not a difficult procedure, serious side effects can be seen after the operation if it is not performed by an experienced destist.

Who Is Dental Implant Suitable For?

Implant treatments are not recommended for all patients.

For dental implants, the patient must be over 18 years old. Since the implant is a surgical intervention, the patient must have reached maturity to complete the development of the jaw and face.

If an implant is recommended to the patient after the first examination, the jaw structure is examined by x-ray and a test for suitability for treatment is applied. Diabetics are not suitable for this treatment. Once the condition is under control,the treatment can begin. People with osteoporosis should be treated first and then implanted.

If you use blood thinners, you should stop before the treatment.

What are the stages of dental implant?

First, the patient is examined in general. Because the general health status of the patients directly affects the dental implant. If these patients are suitable for implantation, a plan of implant treatment is created with radiological panoramic or tomography methods. If these patients are suitable for implantation, a plan of implant treatment is created with radiological panoramic or tomography methods. Treatment conditions may vary depending on the amount of bone, soft tissue and missing Teeth Cleaning in Bodrum , Zirconia Crown in Bodrum the area where the implant will be applied.

As a result of the examination and radiological images, the dental implant is decided and if the patient’s health status is suitable for the dental implant, the soft tissue is opened with an incision. The area where the implant will be placed in the bone is prepared. After the implant is placed in the jawbone, it is covered and it is necessary to wait for a certain period of time for the production of the prosthesis, known as the top of the implant. After the prosthetic tooth is produced, it is mounted on the implant. Thus, the prosthetic tooth has the same strength and appearance as the natural tooth.

Dental Implants in Bodrum

Dental implants are applied in two ways. Temporary tops are used for one-stage treatments. If the treatment consists of two stages, the area is closed with the gingiva. In this step, prostheses are attached after the healing process.

In dental implant application, the upper jaw area starts to heal after 6 months and the lower jaw heals after 3 months.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Bodrum

The biggest advantage of dental implant treatment in Bodrum Dentist is that you had your dental treatment done while you were on vacation. Because this treatment is a time-consuming treatment and you may need to take time in your life for it. However, you can also solve your dental problem during your vacation, which is your most available time. In addition, dental implants in Bodrum are much more affordable than in other countries. You will see this when you compare the dental implant prices in your country with the dental implant prices in Bodrum.

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