Gönülden Meyhane

Gönülden Meyhane

Enjoy the delicious food and special appetizers with your family and friends at one of the most popular restaurants of Bodrum Marina! While you are enjoying the delicious dinner and the night, you will be able to listen to amazing live music every night in Gonulden Meyhane!

The unique tastes are waiting for you! While you can try various fish in Gonulden Meyhane, you will also be able to taste the meat dish Kokorec at the same time!

Various and special appetizers, grilled fish, brain dishes, and numerous tastes will make your dinner unforgettable! The positive and natural energy of the environment will make your night more enjoyable and special at the same time!

We care about your health! Your health is the most important thing for us and we follow every rule of COVID-19. The tables are arranged according to social distance and there are disinfectants on every table in Gonulden Meyhane! You do not need to worry about health at our restaurant! We think about every detail for our guests!

We do not want you to wait for an available table! You can contact us to make a reservation on our number: +90 552 532 4848.

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