Gumbet Guide

Gumbet is one of the popular holiday resorts of Bodrum. It is approximately 4 kilometers from Bodrum Downtown. It is very advantageous because it is a highly developed and closest holiday resort to the city center.

Gumbet has a remarkable and attractive bay. This region, which has been preferred by foreign tourists especially in recent years, is becoming more popular every year. It is possible to arrive Gumbet from the center of Bodrum by bicycle or on foot. It is very advantageous to be close to the center in terms of transportation. In addition, it is a town that you can easily reach with local transportation options.From outside the city, you can go to Gumbet by using both air and road. Gumbet is one of the best alternatives you can choose to swim in the sea, sunbathe and stay alone with natural beauties.


Natural Beauties in Gumbet

Gumbet is a prominent holiday destination with its various bays and natural beauties. It attracts attention especially with its untouched bay and 1 kilometer long beach. The most important feature of the Gumbet beach is that it is shallow and long. The fact that its depth does not change quickly allows you to swim and spend time in the sea easily.

Gumbet has an area that is sandy and clean in terms of beach. Gumbet, between İnceburun and Adaburun, is one of the water sports centers. The most important reason why it is suitable for water sports is that it is between two bays. Thanks to its wide beach, it offers visitors the opportunity to camp easily near the coast. It is a center of attraction for many people with its green nature and blue waters.

One of the most popular places to visit in Gumbet is the windmills. Although these windmills are man-made, they are among the must-see places in Gumbet. At the point where the windmills are located, you can take photos while enjoying the magnificent view of Gumbet.

Apart from this, there is a bay called Aquarium Bay towards the end of Gumbet. This bay, which has a clear sea water, is a popular destination for boat tours because it is located in a quiet and calm area away from the crowds.

Historical Places in Gumbet

There are many areas that you can visit and see during your holiday in Gumbet. Apart from natural beauties or bays, Gumbet is located at a point that attracts attention with its historical sites. Since Gumbet is located close to the center of Bodrum Holiday, you can also take a look at the important historical monuments in this area. Many historical monuments and historical places are in Bodrum. For this reason, you can go to see these historical areas with only a 5-10 minute drive from Gumbet. The historical areas in Bodrum city center are as follows;

  • Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum
  • Bodrum Mausoleion Open Air Museum
  • Zeki Muren Museum
  • Bodrum Antique Theater
  • Myndos Gate
  • Bodrum castle
  • Bodrum Windmills
  • Bodrum Maritime Museum
  • Pedasa Ancient City

You can visit these areas with your private car or daily tours. It is also very convenient for you to do various research just before going to historical sites.

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