Hair Transplant Marmaris

Hair Transplant Marmaris, if you want to spend your holiday in Marmaris and do not want to end your holiday early because of your hair transplant plans, the best solution for you is hair transplant Marmaris. Thanks to the hair transplant clinics in Marmaris, you don’t have to end your holiday early and you can start the new period with a brand new look. Your vacation can be a start for your new look.

Hair transplant Marmaris has many advantages besides not having to end your Marmaris holiday early. Before giving detailed information about hair transplant clinics in Marmaris, we share the general information you need to know about Marmaris in this post. You can also read about other advantages of why you should choose hair transplantation in Marmaris.

Where is Marmaris?

Marmaris, which is one of the most important holiday destinations in Turkey in terms of tourism, is a district of the city of Muğla. Marmaris is located at the point where the Mediterranean Sea begins and the Aegean Sea ends. There is Ula on the north, Datça on the west and Balan Mountain on the east.

Those who want to travel by plane to Marmaris, one of the most touristic resorts of Turkey, have to buy a plane ticket to Dalaman Airport. After the plane has landed, you can either use the service vehicles or use the HAVAŞ vehicles belonging to the municipality. It takes 90 minutes from the airport to Marmaris city center. Visitors who want to travel by bus can reach Marmaris Bus Station. There are bus services from many cities in Turkey, especially Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul, to Muğla Marmaris.

Hair Transplant Marmaris
Hair Transplant Marmaris
Marmaris Hair Transplant
Marmaris Hair Transplant
Marmaris Hair
Marmaris Hair

Visitors who want to go to Marmaris with their private car can set off from Istanbul, follow the Izmir direction, Bodrum, and then enter the Aydın road. Those who will set off from Ankara can reach Muğla first and then Marmaris after going to Denizli. Ankara route is Sivrihisar, Emirdağ, Dinar, Honaz and Muğla.

You can come to Marmaris for both hair transplant and vacation. However, it may be one of the best choices for you to have your hair transplant in Marmaris while you spend your holiday. If you come to Marmaris only for a hair transplant, it would be a much better decision to spend a few days in Marmaris, even if not your entire vacation.

Because Marmaris is one of the important touristic destinations not only in terms of sun-sea holiday but also in terms of many natural and historical beauties. Before or after the hair transplant in Marmaris, you can visit the sights in Marmaris. Marmaris Castle, Cennet Island, Baca Cave, Icmeler, Amos Ancient City, Abdi Reis Bay, Old Bazaar and Bordubet Bay are some of the places to visit in Marmaris.

Why Marmaris for Hair Transplant?

There are many reasons to choose Marmaris for hair transplantation. But the most important thing is that this district is a touristic resort. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Marmaris to spend their holidays. The increase in the population of Marmaris, especially in the summer months, has led to the development of many services in this touristic town. In addition to accommodation, entertainment, food and beverage services, Marmaris is a highly developed holiday resort.

Hair transplantation clinics in Marmaris are one of the best examples of this. Because tourism organizers and tourism companies have realized that their customers have different needs over time. Hair transplant is just one of these needs.

One of the most important reasons for those who want to have a hair transplant prefer Marmaris is that it is easy to reach the region. Since it is a touristic district, it is easy to reach here.
Hair transplant Another reason for choosing Marmaris is that it has accommodation options suitable for every budget. Even if you only come to Marmaris for a hair transplant, you may still want to stay in this beautiful town for a few days. During this period, you can stay in affordable hotels that can meet your accommodation needs.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant in Marmaris

There are many issues to be considered before and after the hair transplant procedure. It is very important to pay attention to these issues in order for the hair transplant process to give the best results.

If you use alcohol, you should stop at least one week before the operation.

Blood thinners should be stopped one week before the operation.

Chemical products such as lotion, gel, and conditioner should not be applied to the hair.

Before hair transplant surgery, if there are diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart and ulcer, the surgeon should be informed about this.

Hair should be washed before surgery.

On the day of surgery, it is recommended to wear clothes that can be easily put on and taken off.

Smoking should also be stopped at least one week in advance, as it may adversely affect the operation.

Beverages with caffeine should not be drunk before the surgery. It is okay to have breakfast before surgery.

Things to Consider After Hair transplantation in Marmaris

Hair should be washed three days after surgery. The first wash can also be done in the hair transplant clinic in Marmaris. In the first week, the hair can be washed 2 times a day to prevent early crusting. While washing the hair, lotion and shampoo recommended or given by the doctor are used. Washing should be done with gentle movements with the palms and fingertips. Nail movements should never be used.

After washing, drying should be done with a clean towel without rubbing, and a hair dryer should not be preferred. If a hair dryer is to be used, the device should not be too close to the head and hot air should not be used.

After about 10 days, crusting ends in the areas where hair is transplanted. Prolonged crusting delays hair growth. If crusting takes more than 15 days, the hair transplant surgeon should be consulted. After the surgery, the transplanted area should be well protected against all kinds of risks, especially in the first two weeks.

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Hair Transplant Marmaris

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