How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum? A Comprehensive Guide

How to get to Kos Island? A Comprehensive Guide

How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum, a magnificent blend of modernity and history, Kos Island is an enchanting destination located in the Dodecanese islands, off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and picturesque scenery, the island draws visitors from around the globe. If you are wondering how to get to this beautiful destination, this article will provide a comprehensive guide on various travel options.

How to get to Kos Island By Air

One of the most convenient ways to How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum is by air. Kos International Airport, also known as Hippocrates Airport, is located in Andimachia, about 25 kilometers from Kos town.

Direct flights from various European cities such as London, Berlin, Athens, and more, are available especially during the peak summer months. The frequency of flights increases during this time due to the high demand. Outside of the summer season, flights may be less frequent and may require a connection, often in Athens or another major European city.

From the airport, you can take a taxi or a local bus to your final destination on the island. Car rentals are also available at the airport if you wish to drive yourself around the island.

How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum
How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum

How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum by Sea

For those who prefer a slower pace and enjoy sea travel, getting to Kos Island by ferry is a delightful alternative. Ferries to Kos operate from Piraeus, the main port near Athens, and other Greek islands. The journey from Piraeus can take approximately 10-13 hours depending on the specific ferry and route.

There are also daily ferries from Rhodes, another popular Greek island, which take about 2-4 hours. If you’re visiting Turkey, you can take a ferry from Bodrum, with the journey taking only 20 minutes.

High-speed catamarans are also available, offering a faster but slightly more expensive sea travel option.

How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum by Road

If you are already in Greece, particularly in a nearby area like Athens, driving could be an option. This would involve driving to the port of Piraeus and taking your car on the ferry to Kos. The journey can be quite lengthy, but it provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Greek landscapes.

Tips for Travel

  1. Booking in Advance: Regardless of the mode of transport you choose, it’s generally a good idea to book your tickets in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.
  2. Travel Insurance: It’s also advisable to have travel insurance that covers any unexpected incidents during your journey.
  3. Check the Schedule: Ferry schedules can sometimes change due to weather conditions, so it’s important to check the latest information before your journey.
  4. Carry Essentials: Whether you’re traveling by air or sea, carry essentials such as water, snacks, and entertainment to make your journey more comfortable.


Whether you choose to How to get to Kos Island from Bodrum by air or sea, the journey promises to be as rewarding as the destination itself. Each mode of transport offers its own unique set of experiences and views. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip to this Aegean gem!

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