Küfe Bar Bodrum

Küfe Bar Bodrum

If you are looking for non-stop entertainment anytime you want, Küfe Bar is totally your cup of tea! Küfe offers you entertainment seven days a week in Bodrum. That means a week of constant fun! What’s more is, not every day is the same!

Küfe Bar Bodrum
Küfe Bar Bodrum

You have the chance to listen to a different artist each day. Whether you are hungry or just ready to have fun, we will host you the best way!

You can choose your participation in the program with or without a meal, according to your preference.

However, we are very proud of our food menu so we recommend that you attend with a meal. You should taste the delicious appetizers prepared by our chef. In the dinner program, there are 6 kinds of appetizers, magnificent olive oil dishes, 3 kinds of hot appetizers as the main course, beef medallion or sea bass, salad, home baklava with ice cream, and seasonal fruits.

Also, limited alcohol according to the number of people is served. As we previously stated that guests can choose not to attend the dinner program, instead they can have fun at the Bistro part.


At the entrance of Küfe Bodrum, free masks and disinfectants are distributed free of charge for Covid 19 measures. All personnel working in the service wears masks and gloves. The table order has been put in consideration of social distance.

If you want to taste our delicious food, listen to incredible artists and have fun in a safe place even during the pandemic, we welcome you at all times! Bodrum is an amazing place but it is even better with Küfe Bar in it! For an incredible experience at Bodrum, you can contact us at 0 552 532 4848 for program information and a prior reservation.

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