Sapphire Club Bodrum

Sapphire Club Bodrum

There is very little time left to reach the days we have missed. One day we woke up to a new world, the world of the invisible enemy Covid 19. While the struggle with Covid 19, which affected the whole world, continues, cafes, bars, and restaurants started to re-open after completing all their measures in the normalization phase.

At Sapphire Club, we are doing the same too to meet our beloved guests again. Sapphire Club Bodrum is ready to open its doors on July 24 by completing all the measures. This year, the door opening hours are being moved to an earlier time due to pandemic measures.

The door opening hours, which were previously 23:30, have been changed to 21:00. The entertainment will now begin in the early hours.

At Sapphire Club Bodrum, a disinfectant cabin welcomes you at the entrance. You can be sure that you are making the transition to health-assured entertainment. The priority in Sapphire Club, which will serve with the bistro order that maintains social distance, is to protect your health. The health and the safety of our guests are very vital to us. We are here to make sure that you have fun while being protected at the same time.

Ready for Entartaintment with DJ in Sapphire Club!
If you are a fan of the club environment, dancing, and good beverages, Sapphire Club is the right place for you! You will find the opportunity to have fun every day with a new talented, successful, and famous DJ in Sapphire Club Bodrum. We can’t wait to meet you again and we are prepared in every way to serve you. To have an unforgettable club experience this summer and experience Bodrum nightlife at its best you can contact us at 0 552 532 48 48 for daily program information and a prior reservation.

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