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Zirconia crown in Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Every year, millions of people prefer Bodrum to spend their summer holidays. Actually, Bodrum, which is a small Aegean town, has developed in many areas due to touristic activities. One of these areas is dental treatments. When millions of people come to Bodrum every year, they also have their teeth treated. Many dental clinics and hospitals in Bodrum can perform all dental treatments. Zirconia crown in Bodrum is one of these treatments.

If you are determined to spend your holiday in Bodrum and you need zirconia crown treatment, you do not need to go to another city for this procedure. With Zirconia Crown in Bodrum applications, you can safely solve your dental problems while enjoying your holiday. Before getting zirconia crown in Bodrum, you should have general information about zirconia crown treatment.

What is Zirconia Crown?

Dental veneers are mostly ceramic veneers. Dental veneers are divided into two as metal-supported and non-metal-supported. Dentists have more aesthetic treatment approaches for patients who need a more aesthetic smile. These aesthetic needs cause it to be preferred more frequently in the treatment of zirconium substructure teeth, which is more aesthetic approach. Zirconium, which is a white substance used in artificial teeth making, is converted into zirconia ceramic instead of pure mineral form and processed in special furnaces. Zirconia crown is one of the metal-free coating types, it offers a more natural appearance compared to metal-supported coatings.

Zirconia Crown in Bodrum
Zirconia Crown in Bodrum

What are the advantages of Zirconia Crown in Bodrum?

The biggest advantage of getting a zirconia crown treatment in Bodrum is that you don’t have to end your holiday early for your dental treatment and you can get your treatment while you’re on vacation. In addition, many health services not only in Bodrum but all over Turkey are much more affordable than in America and many European countries. Zirconia crown prices in Bodrum are also one of the affordable treatments. Because both the salaries of the workers and the expenses of the enterprises such as rent are also affordable in Turkey. Therefore, private health services provided in Turkey are much more affordable than many other countries.

The advantages we mention above are the advantages of Zirconia in Bodrum. In addition, Zirconia crown has general advantages. The light transmittance of zirconium dental veneers is higher than metal-supported veneers. Therefore, it does not create a dark color on the gums and the patient does not encounter problems such as black color reflection from the gingival edge, which may occur in metal-coated porcelain teeth in the future. In addition, thanks to the light transmission feature of zirconia crown zirconium, the dull appearance that may occur on the teeth is prevented. Thanks to the appearance of the teeth closest to their natural state, a healthier, more transparent and more natural appearance is provided.

Zirconia crown is important for your gum health as well as providing an aesthetic and natural appearance. Because zirconium crowns are more compatible with the gums, and the gum disease around the teeth with zirconium crowns is less likely than metal-supported crowns.

Zirconia crown is an ideal type of dental treatment for patients who are white in color, resistant to heat and allergic to metal. People with zirconia crown do not have hot cold sensitivity. In addition, it is more durable than metal teeth and is more preferred for anterior teeth due to its natural appearance. Zirconia crown minimizes staining caused by smoking or other reasons, does not cause bad breath, gum problems and taste changes in the mouth.

Zirconia Crown Features

• It looks natural, does not look artificial and is very durable.

• It has high resistance to corrosion.

• It is robust and resistant to oxidation.

• It is long lasting and does not contain metal.

• Since they are translucent, they transmit light and are the most compatible with natural teeth.

• Zirconium teeth do not change color, and plaque accumulation does not occur due to their smooth and slippery porcelain surface. For this reason, it is not affected by coloring foods such as coffee, tea and cigarettes. The color always stays like the first day.

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What is the Zirconia Crown Treatment Process?

When the teeth are reduced a little and the gums are made healthy, a measurement is taken with special materials and spoons. In the laboratory, zirconium infrastructure in the most suitable color for the tooth and porcelain superstructure are made and adapted to the mouth in the clinical environment. Finally, it is firmly and permanently adhered to the tooth with special adhesives.

Is Zirconia Crown Treatment Painful?

Teeth are cut with lerocal anesthesia, and then a temporary coating suitable for the color of the tooth is applied to prevent itching in hot and cold conditions. A slight sensitivity may be felt, although it is rare.

Places to See in Bodrum

We talked about Zirconia crown treatment in detail in Bodrum. So what can you do in Bodrum while your treatment continues? Bodrum is not just about sea and sand. There are many historical and touristic places to see in Bodrum.

Bodrum Castle is one of Bodrum’s most important historical monuments, on a rocky peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides, between two ports in the center of Bodrum. The rooms inside Bodrum Castle were converted into a museum in 1964 as the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum.

Bodrum Mausoleum

Bodrum Mausoleion, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is one of the most important historical places you should visit and see in Bodrum.

Bodrum Marina Yacht Club has views of Bodrum Harbor and the historical Bodrum castle. It is one of Bodrum’s favorite travel and recreation places.

Daily Tours

In addition to your zirconia crown treatment in Bodrum, instead of spending your holiday only at the hotel, you can join Bodrum Daily Tours and participate in activities full of fun and adrenaline. Daily boat tours, bicycle, jeep safari, ATV safari or horse safari tours, scuba diving tours, and tours to the ancient city of Ephesus, Pamukkale and Dalyan are among the daily tours you can take during your Bodrum holiday.

Contact us for detailed information both about the events in Bodrum and about the zirconia crown in Bodrum.

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